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UgCS Enterprise

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$2,200.00 - $2,200.00
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✓ [NEW] Automatic LiDAR toolset »»»
✓ Terrain following
✓ Route import from KML or CSV files
✓ Photogrammetry tool »»»
✓ Vertical scan tool »»»
✓ Area Scan tool for non-camera sensors »»»
✓ Corridor mapping, SAR patterns
✓ Import custom map and terrain elevation data
✓ Live geotagged video stream »»»
✓ Work offline

Supports most popular UAV platforms including DJI M300, M600, M2X0, Inspire, Phantom series, Mavic series, and MAVLink-compatible drones (Pixhawk with ArduPilot/PX4)


UgCS - Main Benefits

Save time and money

No need to use multiple programs – UgCS is universal and supports the majority of commercially available drones
Import and create routes from customer-provided KML data and save more than 50% of your time
Save days of travelling and before leaving the site, validate acquired data by stitching images with the offline processing software UgCS Mapper

Increase surveying productivity

Increase the data capture productivity at least 2 times with the inbuilt automatic photogrammetry planning tool
Plan and fly missions without internet connection even in a desert area with offline map caching capability
Fly long routes, resuming flights from a certain waypoint after battery change

Higher flight safety

Use pre-installed or import more precise DEM data to increase accuracy and safety for missions with terrain following
Adjust the allowed flight range and No-Fly Zones to fly according to regulatory requirements


UgCS currently supports DJI: M600/600 Pro, M300, M200/210/210RTK, M100, Inspire 2/1/1Pro/Raw, Phantom 4/4Pro/4ProV2/4RTK with SDK controller only, Phantom 3, Mavic Pro/2 series, Spark, N3, A3; Ardupilot, Px4 and other MAVLink compatible multirotors, fixed wings and VTOLs; Mikrokopter; Micropilot; LockheedMartin: Kestrel, Indago.