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TopoSetter RTK

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TOPOSETTER for P4RTK — extended version of TOPOSETTER with DJI Phantom 4 RTK support. It's simple and powerful tool for automated postprocessing GNSS data in any coordinate system and replacing coordinates in image EXIF tags with precise coordinates from postprocessed GNSS data. It provides a high level of the input data accuracy.

TOPOSETTER for P4RTK allow you to process data from DJI Phantom 4 RTK in PPK.

Functional capabilities

TOPOSETTER for P4RTK has additional features, providing even more efficiency in workflow automatization, reducing manual labor and saving time for further data processing:

  1. Full DJI Phantom 4 RTK support.

  2. Processing GNSS data in any coordinate system

  3. Loading coordinate systems via PRJ files

  4. GNSS data postprocessing

  5. Additional GNSS data settings

  6. Converting GNSS data from UBX file format to RINEX

  7. XYZ antenna offset settings

  8. Antenna tilt corrections based on drone IMU data   

  9. Calculating calibrated camera focal length

  10. Correcting XY photo coordinates based on the exposure time

  11. Batch processing of data from a single base

  12. Automatic image and coordinate matching

  13. Automatic image renaming

  14. Writing precise XYZ coordinates of horizontal and vertical discrepancy into image EXIF-tags

  15. Saving Pix4Dmapper and Agisoft Metashape compatible text files

  16. Calculating base station coordinates with PPP technology

  17. Working with JPG, TIFF and DNG image formats for uploading aerial images