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Lidar360 POWERLINE Module

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Routine inspection of power transmission lines is critical for securing uninterrupted distribution of electricity. Traditional, ground-based inspection methods involving teams of surveyors is typically very labor-intensive and time-consuming. Methods for calculating the distance between the sag of the transmission wire and the tree often involves heavy equipment such as height measuring rods and theodolites. This is a huge workload for patrolling personnel whom may be located in deep wilderness and/or hazardous terrain.

Recently, energy service providers have been turning to the sky in order to conduct their surveying and analysis. Largely automated UAV technology equipped with LiDAR hardware has emerged as an effective alternative method for inspecting energy corridors. Acquiring the point cloud data, however, is only a small fraction of the full solution. Generating meaningful geospatial outputs requires post-processing and analyzing the point cloud data. Processing large swathes of terrain results in hundreds of gigabytes of point cloud data and as such, it is important to design an intuitive and time-efficient processing workflow.