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Inertial Labs Resepi XT32 Lidar Unit

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RESEPI Overview
RESEPI™ (Remote Sensing Payload Instrument) is a sensor-fusion platform designed for accuracy-focused remote sensing applications. RESEPI utilizes a high-performance Inertial Labs INS (GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System) with a tactical-grade IMU and a high-accuracy single or dual-antenna GNSS receiver, integrated with a Linux-based processing core and data-logging software. The platform also provides a WiFi interface, optional imaging module, and external cellular modem for RTCM corrections. RESEPI can be operated by a single hardware button or from a wirelessly connected device via a simple web interface.

Compact and light-weight, the RESEPI featuring HESAI's XT-32 LiDAR scanner is an all-around very attractive system, offering the benefits of best-in-class data accuracy, good detection range, high point density, and versatility.

The RESEPI featuring HESAI's XT-32 was strategically designed for multiple application bases. This solution is ideally suited for cost effective surveying work in applications involving open-pit mining, construction site monitoring, utility infrastructure management, and general volumetrics. The 360-degree FOV laser also makes this system well suited for various platforms and operation modes, including mobile vehicles, DJI supported drones (DJI M300, M600 Pro), custom drones, handheld platforms, vehicles, the Freefly Alta-X, and many more.